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Sensible Sentencing encompasses two very distinct trusts and purposes

The Sensible Sentencing Group Trust (SSGT) is a charitable trust with the specific purpose of supporting victims of serious violent and/or sexual crime and homicide.

We serve to educate the public as to the plight of these victims and to ensure such victims and their families are fully aware of their rights and entitlements, providing both education and practical support during their time of trauma. All charitable donations received by this trust fund our volunteers to assist with such things as educating these victims regarding their rights and entitlements, emotional and practical support during pre-trial court hearings, criminal justice trials and parole board hearings.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) is distinct to the SSGT and is also a registered charitable trust but, unlike the SSGT, does not have donee status with the IRD.

This is because this trust unashamedly exists to advocate on behalf of the victims of serious violent and/or sexual crime and homicide in New Zealand, with a view to ensuring effective sentencing and penal policies that reduce re-offending and ultimately keep the public safe. All donations received by this trust assist our volunteers to travel to meet with politicians about the SST’s policy wishlist (such as bail and parole reform, Three Strikes and public Offender Databases – see more here), attend select committee sessions, educate our membership database regarding SST policies and activities, and run lobbying campaigns such as Christie’s Law.

Latest News

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June 28, 2018

December 2017 Newsletter

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June 6, 2017


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