107 Convictions – Sex Offender “Capable of Better Things”

Paul Herlund was described in Court by his Defence Lawyer David Young as ‘an intelligent man who is capable of better things’.  Paul Herlund has 107 previous convictions and is a regular visitor to Prison. Three innocent teenage victims have another description for this sick, violent sex offender!

Herlund is a sexual predator who preyed on vulnerable teenager girls. He used drugs, alcohol, violence and threats to silence his innocent victims.

For three years he sexually abused his first victim. She was only 13 when he sexually violated her for the first time. The young girl was forced to take a substance described by the victim as a mix of marijuana and LSD. It didn’t take long for her to pass out. When she awoke Herlund was sexually violating her. The attack lasted approximately five hours. He only stopped when the drugs began to wear off.

Herlund sent angry texts to the victim if she tried to ignore him. He silenced her by sending photos of her younger brother outside his school. He would tell the victim if she didn’t do as she was told, he would harm her brother they same way he was harming her.

The second victim had asked Herlund for a Bus Ticket to Wellington because she had no money. He brought the ticket but insisted she go back to his apartment. When she did, she was given a drink containing the Class B Date-Rape drug Gamma -Butyrolacone or GBL.

She began to feel dizzy. She was taken to a bedroom, stripped naked then had blacked out. When she awoke she was lying on the bedroom floor naked. She had told Herlund she was only 15. His response ‘the younger the better’.

The third victim had gone to Herlund’s apartment and was given a drink.  She told the police she felt dizzy and sick. Herfund dragged her to the bathroom by her arms and she vomited on the floor. When she awoke, she was on a bed completely naked.  Herlund was lying naked next to her, holding a taser to her face.

For three days the victim and her friend smoked Methamphetamine at Herlunds apartment.

Both victims were taken to a secure Oranga Tamariki Youth Justice Facility for their safety. The victims were able to disclose what Herlund had done and the sexual violence they endured.

Herlund deliberately targeted extremely vulnerable teenage girls. Each victim was used for Herlund’s sick, deviant sexual gratification.

Herlund plead guilty to two charges of sexual connection with a young person and one charge of doing an indecent act. Judge Claire Ryan sentenced Herlund on Friday at the Auckland District Court. He received five years and two months imprisonment. He has been added to the Child Sex Offenders Register.

Defence lawyer David Young described Herlund as someone capable of better things. The ‘better things’ would be Herfund spending the rest of his life behind bars. Better for his victims and Better for the safety of our Community!



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