A beautiful girl in a dangerous country , our country- New Zealand!

On Sunday afternoon after a week of what must have been bone deep fear, alternated with hope and unfathomable anxiety all mixed together for Grace Millane’s family, Grace was found in the Waitakere Bush, ending the search for the missing UK tourist.


A 26-year-old man who was the last to be seen with Grace on CCTV on Saturday night has been charged with Grace’s murder and appeared in Auckland District Court today the 10th of December 2018.


The accused was originally denied interim name suppression to which his laywer Ian Brookie appealed. This automatically means name suppression is imposed for 20 working days. Until then we cannot discuss any details that came out of the accused’s court appearance today.


When a judge declines an accused name suppression, that should be the final call, but as our laws in New Zealand currently stand, it means all decisions can be over turned on appeal.

This is purely a protection for the accused or offender, not the victim.

Appeals around name suppression must be reviewed. In a case such as this if photos of the accused and his name were made public more people may come forward with evidence needed for the hearing.

Graces family opposed interim name suppression of the accused but because of our offender friendly system in New Zealand they were denied their wish.

SST will call on the sentencing Judge not to give in to the pressure of the current trend to lower prison sentences in the effort to keep prison muster numbers low, and sentence this man to true life imprisonment; no non parole period and absolutely no discounts to his sentence.

 Our hearts go out to the family of Grace at this horrible time, nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a child or loved one. No parent should ever have to go through this pain.

A beautiful young girl who had so much to live for and so much life ahead of her, has had her young life stolen and in the process, it will have torn her family’s life apart forever.


Grace travelled around South America and stayed safe. Who would have ever thought New Zealand would become more dangerous to travel around. What a sad reflection on New Zealand and the seriously high violence some of our population are capable of inflicting.


This is the time for the people of New Zealand to stand up against those whose current catch cry is offenders are victims too, and face reality – New Zealand is a dangerous place! 

Stand up for the REAL victims.

Stand up to those who say our crime rate is at an all-time low and finally face the truth,

New Zealand has become a country of the unknown.

A country that is no longer free. 

 By continuing to be offender friendly, finding excuses and blaming everyone except the offender as the current government are doing, then tragically we will only be seeing more of more of these types of cases.


New Zealanders need to have confidence that the system is reflecting their abhorrence of this man’s actions and for them to have any sort of faith in the system in the future, they need to see justice served! For every action there is a reaction, there must be accountability, boundaries, consequences and discipline!


We all have choices and Grace’s accused murderer made a choice to end her life. His actions have stolen Grace’s life, her future, any hope for her and our hearts ache for her and her family. Now, our so-called Justice system needs to reflect the seriousness of what he has done and make a stand for the REAL victim – Grace Millane.

Rest In Peace beautiful angel.



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