A Brutal, Sadistic, Repeat Rapist!

#WARNING Graphic Content #

Instead of hanging his head in shame Jessie Arthur Heke-Gray (34) proudly stood in the Whangarei High Court doing gang signs to anyway who would pay him attention. He showed no respect to the Judge or his victim!

Heke-Gray was sentenced to one charge of male rapes female, five charges of unlawful sexual connection with a female, one charge of assault with intent to injure, three charges of threatening to kill and/or do grievous bodily harm, one charge of conspiring to pervert the course of justice and one charge of unlawfully carrying a firearm and possession of a restricted weapon.

Heke-Gray had only been out of prison for three months when he violently brutalised another innocent victim. For ten days he sexually violated the victim. He used extreme physical violence, threatening to kill her if she called the Police.

Heke-Gray had made initial contact with the victim through online conversations on Facebook. They had arranged to meet one another in Whangarei. As soon as they met Heke-Grays cruelty and violence began.

Heke-Gray spent ten days sadistically violating his victim. He used a gun to threaten the victim; controlling her every move. He began his ten day assault by slapping and biting the victim. He forced her into a public toilet, where he digitally penetrated the victim’s genitalia and anus. He then violently sodomised the victim. Continuing with his threats the victim was forced to stay with Heke-Gray and his an associate at a hotel In Whangarei.

The victim was forced to preform oral sex on Heke-Gray several times. She was sodomised and raped on multiple occasions. One assault was so physically violent she soiled the bed. He forced a gun in her mouth; making her gag while threatening to ‘get rid of her’ by blowing the back of her head off.

Heke-Gray forced the victim to get his nickname tattooed above her eyebrow. Heke-Gray told the victim if she ever left him, he would cut the tattoo out with a machete.

Due to the victim having thrush Heke-Gray and the victim visited a clinic; this is where she managed to escape her violent offender.

Heke-Gray has previous convictions for extremely violent sexual offences. He denies any responsibility for his sexual crimes; telling the Court both of his victims consented to his sexual attacks. He showed no remorse for any of his horrific offending.

Judge Christian Whata sentenced Heke-Gray to 15 years and one month. His starting sentence was 16 years nine months but Heke-Gray was given a 20 month discount for the ‘evident, systemic and social deprivation’ of his upbringing.

Due to his previous violent convictions and limitations of Heke-Gray ever being rehabilitated; Preventive Detention was sought. Heke-Gray received a sentence of Preventive Detention with a minimum non-parole period of seven years and six months.

Heke-Gray victims suffered horrific physical and emotional injuries. They must live everyday with the scars of Heke-Gray’s violence. The Judge spoke of Heke-Gray’s limited prospects of rehabilitation due to his continued denial, his lack of remorse, his continued criminal behaviour and his attitude towards women.

It is criminals like Heke-Gray that should be sentenced to LIFE…..meaning Whole of LIFE!!


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