A Lifetime of Devastating Pain

#WARNING: Extremely graphic, upsetting reading

~The Father

In 2013 a deviant father of three innocent children was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. He was found guilty of multiple charges of vaginal and anal rape, indecent assault and wilful ill treatment. These horrific acts against his own children began when the they were only two years old. The abuse spanned for five years. The sexual violence became so frequent the children believed it was normal!

~The Mother

The one person that knew the truth; who witnessed the abuse and could have stopped the horrific sexual violence did absolutely nothing. She could have protected her children; preventing further pain the moment she discovered her first child was being sexually violated. Instead she chose to enable the children’s father. She allowed him to continue violating their children.

The mother was found guilty in the Rotorua District Court of two charges of cruelty to a child. The charges related to the eldest daughter only.

~The Three Innocent Children

The horrific sexual offending started when the three children were still wearing nappies. Two vulnerable daughters and one vulnerable son became victims of their fathers sick and cruel violence. Three innocent children who knew no different. They only learnt about pain, betrayal, anger and violence. They were not nurtured or shown real love. They were not safe in their own home.

Living with the trauma of sexual abuse is a life long punishment. Learning your own mother stood by and allowed the abuse to continue is unforgivable. How does a child, a teenager, an adult live with the knowledge that your own mother betrayed you?

The mother was in the same room when her daughter was being raped. The daughter screamed; fighting against her father’s sexual violence. Her mother did not stop the abuse; she could have but she chose not to!

She witnessed her daughter bleeding from her vagina. Blood stained underwear and pyjamas were a common sight. She did nothing. She witnessed her daughter being tied up – she did nothing. She chose NOT to help her own precious child.

When an investigation was conducted by CYFS she coached her daughter into saying her father never hurt her. She taught her daughter how to lie. To make up stories to protect her father’s despicable behaviour. The mother deliberately interfered in the investigation to ensure the father did not get caught.

~The Punishment

The mother was sentenced to two years and six months by Judge Tony Snell for enabling the father’s violent sexual crimes. Again, only against the eldest daughter. Judge Snell said at the sentencing “you took no steps to protect her. You could have stopped the abuse years before it stopped”.

A disgusting, shameful, devastating case of two cruel parents who willingly abused their three precious children. Two parents who knew better. Two monsters who do not deserve the honour of being called Mum and Dad. Two evil adults who stole their own children’s innocence, their own children’s rights to a normal, healthy future.

While the mother is to be incarcerated – the father will be eligible to sit before the Parole Board in September 2020.



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