Auckland Advertising Executive gets suppression for child rape image convictions!

Sensible Sentencing Trust is once again dismayed by a High Court decision to grant an Auckland ‘Ad-man’ permanent name suppression, on the basis of his wife’s heart condition.

“The wife, who doesn’t even have the same surname as the offender, has chosen to stay with this so-called man and therefore should take responsibility for her own stress levels” states Ruth Money SST Spokeswoman.  “Her heart survived the stress of a dawn raid on their Westmere home last year, as well as learning all the grotesque details of her husband’s sexual interest in very young girls.  We remain seriously concerned that by supporting his name suppression application she is risking her own children’s safety and that of the wider community” states Money.

The 42 yr old father of two was convicted and sentenced for possessing and exporting child rape imagery in June this year.  At the time of sentencing Judge Eddie Paul said “The public are entitled to know what this man has been doing on a computer, on the internet, in his home.”  He called the images “gross and extreme”.  “Evidence placed before the Court assessed the Ad-man as having a “medium” risk of re-offending so why risk the safety of our kids? What happened to open justice?” pleads Money.

“The community has a right to know who this predator is in order to protect young girls.  Your 6year old daughter could be having a sleep over at his house in the following months and there is no way for you to know; this decision is a serious public safety mistake”, states Money.

“Furthermore he could be working on inappropriate brands and products in his role as an Advertising creative” states Money.  “Imagine if he is working with kid’s brands and holding focus groups about nappies, kid’s snacks, and toys etc.  This decision is an absolute travesty and we urge all Ad agencies out there to publicly issue a statement that their agency does not and will not employ this ‘man’.   

‘We challenge all agencies and staff to post on the Stop the Suppression Facebook page that this is not you  A confirmation that “It’s not me” will ensure that your clients and consumers alike can have some assurance around the safety of your agency” states Money herself an ex Marketing Agency Owner.

It’s ironic that he has fought to hide, asking for privacy when the poor children who have been raped to create the imagery that he traded and stored can never have privacy thanks to the internet”

“He may have won this round, states Money, but we are currently investigating appeal options.  There has to be something more we can do to protect the public”.

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Ruth Money SST Spokesperson
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Ian Tyler SST Child Protection Specialist
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