But what about the Offender?

I have witnessed the open wounds of a razor blade that erratically cuts a young victim’s skin as she tries to find relief from the horrors of rape. I have witnessed the toughest of men fall to his knees when hearing the words “your wife was raped”. I have seen the hole punched in the wall by the quietest of dads after identifying his 6-year-old child beaten and brutally violated. Innocent victims all selfishly and sexually attacked by the choices of an offender.

“But what about the Offender?”

An innocent victim who did not ask to have her life torn apart. An innocent victim whose virginity was violently stolen by a stranger. An innocent victim whose birthday celebration ended up on a hospital bed, unrecognisable from the violence endured because of a sadist’s desire for sexual gratification. My voice will ALWAYS be for the REAL Victims; those who have suffered by the hands of an offender’s actions, an offender’s choice.

“But what about the Offender?”

REAL innocent victims are being pushed aside by the ongoing motivations of offender-based solutions. Solutions that are ALL about helping the offender who has chosen to harm another. Our ‘Justice’ system has become such an offender driven legal system, that the REAL victims voices are being silenced by the ‘needs’ of their offenders

“But what about the Offender?”

Courtney Tremain Curry is a 26-year-old rapist. At the age of 14 he was convicted of his first indecent assault against an innocent female victim. With Curry being so young, the Youth Court recognised he needed help, so his sex offender-based rehabilitation began. At the age of 17 he attempted to rape another innocent victim. He didn’t complete his sexually driven attack, but ensured his victim suffered multiple injuries to her face. Curry continued with his rehabilitation whilst incarcerated, completing 23 individual psychological sessions, with further rehabilitation upon release from Prison.

On the 28th of April 2018 he raped his third victim. An attack that was described by Judge Karen Clarke as ‘predatory’. He was sentenced to five years in Prison, eligible for parole after serving 3 years 6 months. He was also sentenced to Prevention Detention due to the increased and continued violence of his sexual attacks.

From the age of 14, Curry has received 11 years of rehabilitation, psychological support with compulsory participation in Adult Sex Offenders programs. This was followed by psychological support for 6 months after his release. Eleven years of help!! All paid for by the tax payer, all paid for by the innocent victims of his violent choices.

“But what about the Offender?” This question SHOULD read “But what about the innocent victims of Curry’s crimes?” Will his innocent victims receive continuous ongoing Government Support? NO! Will his innocent victims ever feel safe again? NO!! Will his innocent victims ever have the chance of a normal life they so rightfully deserve!! NO!!

“But what about the Offender?”

The next time these words are written or spoken, take a moment to consider the innocent victims of each offender’s selfish actions. Think about the young victim whose first sexual experience was a brutal violent rape. Think about the innocent victim who now has to spend the rest of her life trying to feel safe with the intimacy of her husband’s gentle touch. And have a thought for the father whose young child was so badly beaten and violated. Every trip to that hospital will be a constant, overwhelming reminder of what a so called ‘Rehabilitated Sex Offender’ did to their precious child.

Karin Coates – PROUD Victim Advocate of the REAL Victims of Serious Crimes
Sensible Sentencing Group Trust

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