Case Dismissed-Who cares about the innocent Victims!!

#WARNING ~ Graphic Content

Xander Gerber (21) made the pre-mediated decision to expose himself and masturbate in front of a young girl in March 2017.

He then made the pre-mediated decision to expose himself and masturbate in front of another young girl in July 2018.

Xander Gerber’s innocent, vulnerable victims were only 7 and 9 when he made the choice to commit two indecent act’s with the intent to injure against each young girl. Both incidents happened in the Waikato.

Two young girls were forced to watch a grown man expose his penis; then masturbate himself in front of them. Two innocent children manipulated by Gerber’s revolting and deviant crimes. Each child did NOT have a choice. Their innocent young minds corrupted by an adults sexualised behaviour.

Xander Gerber had a choice. He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew right from wrong. Gerber plead guilty to his crimes; standing before Judge Denise Clark at the Hamilton District Court.

Xander Gerber’s predatory behaviour involved two seperate victims on two separate occasions. Judge Clark described Gerber’s behaviour as ‘impulsive’ and there was ‘no pre-determined decision to expose himself to a young child as it was more opportunistic’.

Are you serious Judge Clark? Impulsive behaviour?

Certainly not for the two young children who had to endure Gerber’s sick deviant behaviour!

No pre-determined decision? Certainly not for the two innocent girls who were forced to endure Gerber’s sexualised crimes!

Please don’t worry – the offender has been well taken care of by our shameful, pathetic INJUST system. Xander Gerber is a free man! Free to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Xander Gerber was discharged without conviction.

Why – because our Justice System is completely blind to the rights of innocent victims. The Justice System wouldn’t want this deviant offender having HIS life disrupted! Especially when there is a possibility Gerber could have been deported from New Zealand because HE broke the law.

Xander Gerber came to New Zealand from South Africa when he was ten. He calls New Zealand his home. A home he is content to break the law in. A home he selfishly chose to harm two innocent girls without consequence.

Judge Clark said Gerber did not get off without any form of penalty. Gerber has  to pay $2500 in compensation to each victim he harmed!

Police Prosecutor Karl Little described Xander Gerber’s offences as having ‘a degree of pre-meditation, a level of predation, and was serious sexual offending – too serious to not be marked with a conviction’.

It was a shame Judge Clark didn’t value the work of the Police and the Police Prosecutor.

The legal punishment for the charge of an indecent act with intent to insult or offend under Section 125 and 126 Part 7 of the Crimes Act is:

Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years who with intent to insult or offend any person does any indecent act in any place.

Xander Gerber intentionally exposed himself and intentionally masturbated himself. His sick actions have harmed the lives of two innocent children. Our Justice System has completely ignored the rights of each young child and the long-term damage this will have on their innocent lives.

This is a SHAMEFUL injustice by a system that is meant to protect innocent victims and the safety of our community.

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