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Child Sex abuser’s farce sentence must be appealed by the Crown

The lenient 7 year minimum non-parole period handed down to serial paedophile James Parker in August was bad enough, but what is even more alarming and disgusting is when a child abuser is not sent to prison at all.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has slammed the non-custodial sentence imposed by Justice Rebecca Ellis in the Auckland High Court today handed down to an 18 year old woman who has name is suppression for her part in the sexual abuse of a 10 year old girl. The Trust’s ‘Predator Awareness’ Campaign spokesperson Ross Crosby said this is deeply saddening and disappointing that the courts have failed to send yet another stern message to child molesters to make it clear child abuse will not be tolerated and the courts have instead chosen to slap another child molester on the hand with a wet bus ticket.

“The problem is we are locking up people in New Zealand for incredibly minor crimes, yet people convicted of serious violent and sexual offending are too often escaping jail terms for their offending. We shouldn’t we be wasting valuable prison resources locking up people for minor victimless crimes like possession of a small cannabis joint or even stealing library books but we need to be locking people up for crimes like where a woman or a child have had their soul robbed from them by someone who physically or sexually abused them. And we should be locking up such offenders for longer periods.”

We are urging the Crown to appeal this disgustingly inadequate sentence to ensure this young woman gets her just deserts and that others who commit such offences are made fully accountable for their actions. ENDS

Ross Crosby
Assistant Webmaster and Predator Awareness Campaign spokesperson
Sensible Sentencing Trust
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