Christchurch Sex Offender Protected by Name Suppression Madness

 Christchurch Sex Offender Protected by Name Suppression Madness

In a recent decision by Christchurch District Court Judge Brian Callaghan, a sexual offender was given name suppression even though the victims asked that their abuser be named.

The Judge was somewhat sympathetic but said he was constrained in his decision by the Criminal Procedures Act 2011 (CPA 2011).

“The CPA 2011 continues to victimise victims and this was surely not parliament’s intention?” questions Ruth Money, Sensible Sentencing CEO.  “This case is yet another example of the urgent need for NZ’s name suppression laws to be revised to ensure victims wishes can be acted upon by the courts”, she continues.

The parents of the victims (two girls and a boy, now aged 14, 13, and 11,) had discussed the question of name suppression with their children.   These victims wanted the offender named publically – “after all the shame should be the offenders not the victims” states Money.

“While we accept that the Judge is bound by the CPA, we believe he should have made the offender’s name suppression expressly conditional upon the need to protect the victims’ name suppression. Then, when the victims turn 18 and wish to apply to have their own suppression lifted, his would automatically lapse saving further revictimisation and court battles for the innocent victims” says Money.

“Parliament needs to move quickly to avoid these ridiculous issues that the CPA is causing with respect to name suppression in NZ.  This case is another example of sex offenders being enabled via legislation and it must stop” pleads Money.

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