Compassion for the Offenders-but what about the innocent Victims?

Patrick Dennis Tarawa (22) was sentenced at the Whangārei High Court on the 6th of December after pleading guilty to one charge of manslaughter.

Tarawa was angered and irate after Christopher Vujcich had crossed in front of Tarawa at an intersection, forcing him to slam on his breaks to avoid a collision. Tarawa then followed the victim to his home.

After an argument broke out, Tarawa punched Christopher Vujcich twice. The second hit to the head, caused Vujcich to fall backwards onto the concrete footpath, rendering him unconscious.

Christopher Vujcich died one day later. The cause-a blunt-force head injury, including bleeding to the base of the brain stem and large fractures to the skull. Injuries that were described by the coroner as ‘unsurvivable’.

The maximum penalty for this type of offence is life imprisonment. Justice Kit Toogood sentenced Tarawa to 10 months’ home detention and 400 hours’ community work.

Rouxle Le Roux (19) was sentenced at the Auckland District Court on Friday 14th of December for dangerous driving causing death.

Rouxle Le Roux who was on a learners license had been drinking and smoking marijuana, and carrying passengers in her car. She hit Nathan Kraatskow off his bike. She did not stop to check on the 15-year old victim, instead she drove off leaving Nathan to die, where she had hit him with her car. She handed herself into the Police the next day.

The maximum penalty for dangerous driving causing death is 10 years imprisonment or a fine of $20,000. Judge Nicola Mathers sentenced Le Roux to 11 months home detention, 250 hours community work and disqualified from driving for two-and-a-half years.

Justice was NOT served-Both offenders were guilty. They both had a choice even before they chose to commit these two preventable crimes!!

Tamara-He didn’t need to follow his victim to his home. He could have just said a few rude words, possibly pointed the finger at his victim and continued his travels. He could have stopped at verbal abuse, he did not need to punch his victim. Tamara had the choice to throw two violent punches, the second punch killing his victim.

Le Roux-Had chosen to drink alcohol, to smoke marijuana. She should not have been driving . As as a Learner driver; NZ Laws state zero tolerance for alcohol and illegal drugs. She had a choice to illegally carry passengers on a Learners license. She had the choice to stay and help a defenceless young boy who desperately needed help. Le Roux had the choice to drive her car-a lethal weapon that killed her innocent victim.

To innocent victims-with no choice. To guilty offenders who stole two innocent lives.

The punishment handed out-Home Detention.

Compassionate Justice was gifted to the Offender-But what about the two innocent VICTIMS!!

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