Law and Order weekly update: Article 2

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Within the last week there have been multiple incidents of extreme violence on our streets. Shootings, more gang activity, and more homicides.  Over just the past few months there has been a clear escalation of gang tensions and gang violence spilling out onto our streets putting the public in danger. 

There is an ever-increasing sense of members of the public starting to feel unsafe in their communities.  This is a consequence of an increasingly consistent offender-centric focus by law enforcement, courts, and government. 

It is an unfortunate inevitability that we will see more crime, more violence, and more deaths in our communities due to unchecked gang activity, weak sentences allowing violent criminals on our streets, and a lack of willingness from the government to step in. 

There is a gulf between where the government’s current justice system priorities are and what the members of public are expecting in terms of justice, accountability and sentencing.

Remember, the following news articles are just a sample of what has occurred in just the past seven days.

Do you feel safe?

A body was found in a burnt out car in Flat Bush – an area in Auckland that has seen an increase in violence making members of the public feeling unsafe in their community.

“…Cheung, who has worked in the area for about a decade, said the two incidents occurring within weeks of each other worried him greatly.

“100 per cent, I feel not safe,” he said.

“It’s too many things happening, so that’s why I feel not safe in this area…”

‘Unsafe’: Robbed South Auckland business owner fearful after body found in burning car at Flat Bush – NZ Herald

Yet another homicide within just a few days – again in Auckland.  A man was found by police in critical condition and another body was found whilst searching the property. 

We are fast becoming a country that once had a homicide in the news once or twice a year – to now having one or two a week. 

“…Police arrived at South Auckland property to discover a dead body and a second person critically injured.

Officers arrived at the house in McNally Rd in Pukekohe at 9am this morning and found a man with critical injuries…”

Grisly discovery at Pukekohe property: Second person found critically injured – NZ Herald

And yet another stabbing after an aggravated robbery, this time in Christchurch. 

“…A Christchurch man is facing five charges after allegedly stabbing one person and robbing another at knife-point.

The 31-year-old man was taken into custody just after 6pm on Monday evening, two hours after police were called when a person was allegedly threatened with a knife and had their phone taken.

Shortly after, police received a second report of an assault on Isabella Place, where one person was stabbed and seriously injured…”

Alleged knife-wielding offender facing slew of charges after police standoff |

Firearm offences and shootings dominate headlines – gun crime fast becoming out of control:

Throughout the week there were multiple firearm-related offences with drive-by shootings, gang tensions, and people being shot.  This is added to the previous week’s increase in shootings.  The handwringers and incense burners continue to bury their heads in the sand and have no answers to the reality of the increasing danger our communities are in.  They only need to watch the news and see that every day there is another gun crime and shooting.

“…A car is littered with pellets and a person in hospital following a shooting in the south Auckland suburb of Clover Park.

One person suffered a minor gunshot injury and was taken to Middlemore Hospital by ambulance…”

Car littered with pellets, person in hospital after shooting in south Auckland | Newshub

Shooting in Otara and a person taken to hospital

Police investigation underway after person shot in Auckland suburb of Ōtara overnight | 1 NEWS | TVNZ

Even more shootings…

“…Armed police swooped in on a house in West Auckland after reports of gunshots going off before a man was heard screaming.

Up to 15 police officers and several squad cars converged on an area in the suburb of Henderson after reports of gunshots being fired at a property on Murillo Place…”

Armed police called to West Auckland house after reports of gunshots and screaming – NZ Herald

Police investigating reports of man presenting gun at member of the public in Auckland’s Ōtara | 1 NEWS | TVNZ

“…At about 2.40pm, Police were called to Ōtara after a man was reported to have walked out of a property on Bairds Road with a firearm.

Police said the man “presented a firearm at a member of the public” before reportedly walking back inside…”

Ever-growing focus on the offender-centric system

With more and more examples of both law enforcement and our courts showing a focus on offenders we will see more cases of victim’s rights and considerations being ignored.

“…A woman who caught her ex filming her during sex without her permission says she will never recover from the humiliation, shame and shock – made worse when police would not charge the man with a crime…”

Victim furious, sickened after man who filmed her without consent during sex gets away with police warning – NZ Herald

Press Releases / In the Media:

The Sensible Sentencing Trust at 20: ‘People will get angry again’ – NZ Herald

Public safety at risk with new ‘arrest policy’ – Sensible Sentencing Trust – Fuseworks (

Jogger murderer Dartelle Alder hopes for parole 20 years on for – NZ Herald

No ‘justice’ in the ‘justice system’ – Sensible Sentencing Trust |

Why do our politicians not know how our youth justice system works? – Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST)

 We need your help to get our message to more people and put pressure on the government to make changes to ensure the system fights for victims of crime, fights for justice and accountability, and fights for the safety of our communities. 

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