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Welcome to the first edition of “Law and Order Weekly Update”!  We will be letting you know about some of the big law-and-order issues that have occurred around the country over the past week, and keep you informed about what the Trust has been up to…

Gang violence continues to rise

There has been more gang violence and shootings across the country.  In Hamilton a baby was used as a shield during a brawl.  It never ceases to amaze the low levels that will be reached by these thugs.

Baby injured after being used as ‘shield’ during Hamilton brawl | Newshub

“…Stuff reports the baby was injured after the woman holding it backed away using it as a “shield” during the fight, which involved gang members.  A source told Stuff around 14 people were part of the fight – some of whom wore Mongrel Mob patches – and it began at the front of the property at around 2.30pm.”

photo credit: Newshub
A gang-linked shooting occurred in Northcote where an innocent bystander was shot in the face outside of a bar.  These shootings and stabbings have now become common place and our society is turning into a gangland.  What is the government tangibly doing about this?

Two teenagers arrested after Northcote schoolboy shot in face | Newshub

“…Two teenagers have been charged over a shooting which left a 16-year-old blind in one eye.
An 18-year-old and 16-year-old have been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and the commission of an offence using a firearm.”

photo credit: Newshub
And yet another gang-linked shooting this time in Napier outside a bar…

Two injured after shots fired outside bar in Napier | 1 NEWS | TVNZ

“…Two people have been injured after shots were fired from a vehicle into a group of people outside a bar in Napier.
The two groups appear to know each other, police say. They believe the shooting stemmed from an earlier altercation between rival gangs.”

With these increased numbers in gangs and increased incidents of gang violence on our streets, just remember that funding has been stopped for police recruitment.  There is now literally a Police Training College sitting empty waiting to train more officers, but the government refuses to forward the funding.

Weak sentencing continues to put public in danger

We are continuing to see dangerous criminals being put on electronic bail or given such pathetically weak sentences that they are a continued risk to the public.  The man who was shot by Police in Papatoetoe was a gang member, who had previously been charged with an aggravated robbery, absconded from bail, and subsequently fired a shotgun at his neighbour.  It is just a matter of luck that he didn’t kill anyone.

Man shot dead by police was charged for sledgehammer bank robbery |

“…A man police shot dead by police in Auckland while on bail had earlier been charged for breaching the conditions of a community-based sentence.
Court documents show Turia was one of three men charged with robbing a Kiwibank branch at Manukau Westfield mall of $6100 on February 20, 2020.
At the time, police said the trio used a sledgehammer to smash their way into the bank in a “very violent robbery”.”

And he was put on electronic bail?!  What did they expect to happen?
photo credit: Stuff News
Another example of crazy sentencing where this individual has committed no less than 113 previous crimes, the latest he had stolen a car with a young baby still in the back – and was given home detention!  There should’ve been no surprise that he breached his conditions and is now on the run.

Wanted: Sean Broderick still on the run, could be ‘anywhere’ – NZ Herald

“…A man wanted by police is still on the run and could be “anywhere”. Sean Broderick, 53, breached his home detention conditions in January.
Police say he has been jailed 113 times for various crimes. Most recently, he was sentenced to home detention for stealing a car with a baby girl inside.”

photo credit- NZ Herald

Sensible Sentencing Trust will continue to fight for appropriate sentences to keep these kinds of dangerous criminals off our streets and to keep our communities safe.

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