Lynace Parakuku – Her Precious Life Brutally Stolen

Lynace Parakuku’s whānau detailed in Court how much she is missed. They miss her big cheesy smile, her big hugs and her loud hello’s. They spoke of her cheekiness; how she lived life to the fullest and the beautiful impression she left with those who loved and meet her. They spoke of the sadness, the devastating loss and the pain of knowing she died alone.

Lynace was seven weeks pregnant when her partner of two years selfishly kicked and beat her to death.

Lynace Parakuku was only 22 when she died. On the 7th of September 2018 an argument broke out between the couple. Poihipi followed Lynace into the grounds of St Michael’s Catholic School in Rotorua.

Poihipi proceeded to punch Lynace in the head and face. She then fell to the ground. The autopsy report showed Lynace endured a minimum of 20 blows to her head and face. Poihipi kicked her head so violently, her brain shifted inside her skull. Lynace suffered fractured left eye socket, severe bruising to her head and face, and extensive damage to the blood vessels in and around her brain. The cause of death – multiple brain injuries resulting from blunt force trauma.

Lynace Parakuka died alone on a school field, approximately 20 minutes later. A senseless, selfish and painful death.

On the 23rd of September, Jason Wiremu Poihipi (19) was found guilty of murdering his partner. The jury took only five hours to reach the majority 10 – 1 verdict. GUILTY of Murder!

Poihipi gave several different explanations of how Lynace was killed. He admitted hitting Lynace four or five times then kicking her in the face when she tried to stand up. The defence pushing for accidental death but the evidence; the truth proved otherwise!

Poihipi said he had taken Lynace to a field at St Michael’s School. He had assaulted Lynace because he had seen her having sexual relations with another man. He told the Court he was so drunk he hadn’t realised he had assaulted Lynace.

The Prosecutor for the Crown Duncan McWilliam said during the trial Poihipi had not shown any genuine remorse for Lynace’s death. Lynace endured violence so severe the blunt force trauma resembled blows from a hammer or piece of wood.

The multiple excuses Poihipi used to explain his cruel, cowardly violence will NEVER justify the loss of Lynace Parakuku’s innocent and vulnerable life!

Jason Poihipi was sentenced yesterday at the Rotorua High Court by Judge Ian Gault.

Poihipi was sentenced to Life imprisonment with a minimum non parole period of ten years. This was after he received an 18 month discount for his age, his upbringing and his detachment from his Māori heritage.

Lynace did not get the chance to be a mother to her child. Her background, her upbringing, her age or her Māori heritage was NOT considered when her offender was being sentenced.

Why should Poihipi; a guilty violent murderer be given any form of discount off his sentence? It is a disgrace to the victim and to the loved ones left behind!

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