National Party’s proposed Justice reforms

Our current Justice system is failing to properly acknowledge or involve the victims of crime as well as it should do, the changes implemented by our current Government are of no benefit or support to the Victims of Serious Violent crime.

The National Party have just released their Law and Order discussion paper and of course it has had some back lash from the naysayers – those who will always slander anything the opposition have to say.

 For instance, one person says, “typical to see no mention of Meth, mental Health or Domestic Violence.”

Cleary they did not the take time to read the paper, instead their anger stemmed from the media heading to the article and the socialist comments on the thread.

 What many people do not realise unless they have become a Victim of Serious Violent crime themselves, is that National’s proposal is intended to provide Victims with a few simple human rights they are not currently entitled to – but should be!

 Victims have next to no input in any of the Justice proceedings and often are not even enrolled on the Victim Notification Register (VNR), this means Victims are not notified of an offender’s pending release until they have seen it in the media. In some cases, where there has been more than one offender involved in the crime, the victim may only have their name entered against the one offender instead of all of them.

 And then we have the attacks on National’s stance on gangs. Violent crime stems from gangs whether it be directly or indirectly. The drugs they are distributing are increasing the pure evil and violence; they are enticing young people to commit crime for them because the gangs know by using the young to do this, there will be no consequence apart from a warning from the police. And don’t even get us started on the initiations young gang initiates are forced to undertake.

 The people arguing against National’s stance on gangs are those who are either gang members, criminals, or the ‘professional academics’ who I think honestly believe that we will have a safer country and fairer Justice system if we get rid of prisons all together! So help New Zealanders!

 A book can only guide you so much, but it is the personal experience that will tell the truth.

 We even have comments that if sex offenders were shown compassion it would lower the reoffending rate!

 Victims just want to know how to keep themselves and their family safe. It’s not too much to ask that the few rights victims do have are acknowledged, especially when you understand the horrendous journey they are put through when they unwittingly become victims of serious violent crime. All this while trying to deal with the trauma of the crime committed.

 The SST just want New Zealand to be a safe country again. We want our victims to receive the respect they are entitled to and for each victim to have a voice. The scales of justice are not balanced for the victim.



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