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Removal from Offender Database

Contract for removal from Offender Database

Note : this contract is ONLY available to violent offenders who meet all of the following conditions;

  1. Are not the primary offender in a case of homicide or rape/ sexual violation.
  2. Have not been convicted for any sexual offence against or involving a minor, i.e. paedophilia, possession/distribution of child pornography etc.
  3. Have not committed any offence violent or otherwise for a period not less than 5 years.
  4. Have not committed a sexual offence against an adult (i.e person over 16) for a period not less than 10 years (note that this does NOT include rape/ sexual violation as above).
  5. Have not committed a serious violent offence (e.g. grevious bodily harm, assault with a deadly weapon) for a period not less than 10 years.
  6. Have a person close to them that is willing to vouch for and confirm the above.

Setting up this contract;

  1. Either print this page out or copy and paste the Contract below into word or similar
  2. Sign it, and ensure that the other person that is vouching for you also sign it
  3. Either fax it back to us at the Sensible Sentencing Office fax number, or arrange to fax it directly to the database manager or scan the signed contract and email the scan back to us.

The Contract

In order to remove details from the Sensible Sentencing Database, the following conditions must be agreed to;

  1. I agree that I have not committed any criminal act or offence for the 10 years after the completion of my sentence or release from custody, or if it is assault with non-aggravating features for a period of 5 years after the completion of my sentence or release from custody.
  2. I give permission for the Sensible Sentencing Trust or it’s agents to perform background checks in order to confirm that this is the case
  3. I agree that any further offending by myself will result in the reinstatement of the file to the public online database complete with ALL offences.
  4. I agree to supply a complete list of my previous convictions (available from
  5. I will provide contact details of a person close to me who  has agreed to vouch for me and confirm this information.

Note : In cases of murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual violation or for any sexual offence/act involving a victim/complainant under the age of 16 an offender’s record may ONLY be removed with the written approval of the victim. However even with the victims’ written approval the Sensible Sentencing may decline to remove an offender’s file if it thinks the offender is a potential risk to public safety and therefore the offender’s file must stay on the Sensible Sentencing Database in those interests.