– Prisoners disenfranchisement – Calls for Murderers to vote

We are in a world gone mad! Andrew Little has opened a can of worms by supporting the ideas that all prisoners are disadvantaged or disenfranchised.

A petition has been started to allow prisoners to vote , this will include those incarcerated for murder , for rape , for sexual assault – all offenders of all walks of life.

Our question is why for a prisoner who is incarcerated for murder , who removed all rights of their victim to vote and to live their life , should they then be given a higher right to have input to our safer country. When they chose to take someone’s life they gave that human right up. They should respectfully and remorsefully do their time in prison , continue with their punishment until they can show they can be in our community without committing harm upon another person.

Voting is a right for those who understand how to be a positive contributor to our beautiful country , a country who want to see the best for their future generations. Voting is for those who respect the laws in place or want to see new and improved laws to protect our own.

To allow that right to prisoners is a further step toward disrespecting the REALvictims.

An offender chooses to go against all moral standards and commit their crime against an innocent Victim, their victim then has to live the rest of their life in pain within themselves or the pain of loosing their loved one. They have financial strain from their loss , they have health struggles , they have the harsh reality of having to try live there days not being in continuous fear for their safety. They have to attend continuous parole hearings, the list goes on.

The offender gets a sentence of imprisonment, this is the time they should be focusing on rehabilitation, the time they should be finding the remorse for the crime they committed. They should be working on finding the better person with in themselves. Once they have become a person who is ready to respect others, have remorse for the crime they committed and are ready to live in the community without harming others, once they have finished their entire sentence for their crime then and only then should they be aloud the right to vote.

Nearly 40% of the male prison population are incarcerated for a violent offense , almost 20% is for a sexual offense. For those offenders to commit a horrendous crime like murder , rape , domestic abuse , shows they have no moral respect for the current laws, they have no respect for our community.

Let’s also remember the general prison population have more than 46 prior convictions. Thats 46 innocent victims or more to 1 prisoner.

Below 15% of the prison population are incarcerated for minor offending like traffic offenses and breaches. For these crimes they generally have a prison sentence of no more than 18 months. They will get their voting chance when they are released.

But has anyone raised the question within the prisoners as to how many of those incarcerated actually voted when they were not in prison. Did they bother? If they did not then why is it so important for them now. How many prisoners voted before the law was changed?

Well it seems from all the articles released on this so far in favor of this ,the bottom line is because half of our prison population is Maori and Maori are already disenfranchised then we must let all prisoners vote to be fear to Maori. To put it simply.

If Maori believe that they are disenfranchised , attacked , victims of racism then maybe it’s time to start breaking the cycle of child abuse , domestic violence , murder , rape and gang violence. Blaming the fact they do not get to vote on colonialism and racism is another kick in the guts for the REALvictims. It is because they committed a crime . They broke the law. They chose to bet their children and wives senseless , they chose to murder their babies.

Kelvin Davis wants compassion for Maori, he wants to see no Maori incarcerated, he wants to see Maori only Justice, Maori only Mental Health…the list goes on, and don’t everyone forget blame it on Colonialism. Colonialism made Maori Murder, Rape, Steal and Molest!!

Until offenders are ready to admit their crimes , show remorse , complete rehabilitation and stop blaming everyone else for the horrendous offending then they do not have that privilege.

Lets take a little glance at who some of the 70% of prison population are – and you decide if you think they should be given the human right to vote

Paul Dally . Serving life sentence for the brutal murder of Karla Cardno when she was just 13 years old. He stalked her , held her captive for 22 hours , raped and tutored her and then after smashing her skull buried her alive. Paul dally aka Wayne Clarence Tepa had previous convictions and history of violent attacks on woman , his wife at the time of Karla’s death had gone into woman’s refuge due to domestic violence 3 weeks prior to the murder of Karl.

Paul Dally does not see his offending as brutal or sadistic but sexually motivated.

Dean Stewart Cameron Previous convictions of sexual violation, sexual violence, breaching protection orders.

Medium to high risk of recidivist sexual offending

Lengthy list of previous convictions including dishonesty, breaches of Court orders, violence at the lower end of the spectrum and a conviction for sexual violation.

Protection Order against former partner-Seven breaches of the order over time.

In 2002 found guilty of digitally penetrating, sexually violating former partner and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Nine months after final release committed rape and murder of 15-year-old Marie Davis. Crimes Escalated since 2002.

George Charlie Baker

Previous Convictions: Aggravated robbery; Wounding with intent to injure; Threatening

to kill (2) Murdered Liam whilst in custody-meet him in Remand, killed him in Prison Van

Taffy Herbert Hotene – deceased but example of horrendous offending

By 15 he was in court for theft, and again before he was 16. He appeared for his first attempted rape of a woman at knifepoint at 17. He was jailed for just 15 months.

On day of release of Prison, he attempted to rape a woman by holding a knife to a baby head. For this he was initially sentenced to two years supervision under Dan Davis of the NZ Legionnaires Academy. Sentenced appealed and he was imprisoned for four years.

As soon as he was released, he then attacked three women in Wanganui, in a four-day reign of terror. One of them he succeeded in raping.

Eight years later he was paroled against his will. Eight weeks later he raped and killed Kylie Jones.

History with Black Power.

George Darren Cant

Since the age of 15-133 Prior Convictions for Sexual Violation, Sexual Violation by Digital Penetration, Indecent Assault, Burglary, Threatening to Kill, Sexual Assaults on Woman, Sexual Offending against Children, Indecent Assault on Male Inmates x 3, Home Invasion

This is only 4 (alive) prisoners out of the 70% of prisoners who have committed crimes just like these – some worse!

When you choose to commit a violent crime you choose to give up certain rights and voting is one of them!



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