Sadistic Rapist Appeals Sentence!

#Warning# Graphic Written Content

On the 6th of June, 2019 Richard George Apperley (39) was sentenced at the Wellington High Court by Justice Jillian Mallon. Apperley pleaded guilty to horrific, violent sexual crimes. Apperley was sentenced to Preventive Detention with a minimum non parole period of 10 years.

For twenty four years Apperley has been committing the most demeaning and sadistic violent crimes. He has intentionally tried to destroy the lives of multiple innocent victims.

In the Court of Appeal on Monday, Apperley and his Defence Lawyer Val Nisbet appealed his latest sentence. A sentence that was put in place to protect the safety of our community and to prevent further innocent victims.

Apperley was only 15 years old when he committed his first serious offence. The long list of Apperley’s disgusting acts of violent, sexual offending is nothing short of terrifying. Violent assaults, kidnapping, rape, anal and oral violation, punching a pregnant woman in the stomach, threatening to abort an unborn child, demeaning and sadistic cruelty, threatening to kill, the use of a weapon, abduction, brutality, torture, urinating on his victims, recording his sexual assaults and the use of humiliation to control his victims.

At the age of nineteen, Apperley was sentenced to 10 years, 6 months in Prison. His crimes included the abduction of a 15 year old girl at knifepoint. He raped, sexually violated and dehumanised this innocent young girl. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

For ten years Apperley participated in specifically designed rehabilitation courses. He had years of psychological treatment. Rehabilitation did NOT work. The psychological treatment did NOT work!

Within a year of Apperley’s release on the 31st of May 2010; Apperley was found guilty of a further eleven charges of the Possession of Objectionable Publications which included the recording of Apperley sexually violating and beating his innocent victims. He was sentenced to a further 12 months in Prison.

While Apperley was incarcerated an application for a ten year extended supervision order was approved. The ESO was needed due to the repetitive violent extent of his offending.

The ESO meant absolutely nothing to him. He was convicted three times for breaching his ESO. He committed further sexual crimes against another three innocent victims.

Apperley was described by one forsenic psychologist as having ‘psychotic tendencies’ and has been observed as ‘very high risk of sexual offending’.

The level of his sexual violence has escalated each time he re-offended. Apperley’s sexual motivation is driven by the use of degradation, humiliation and repeated violence to control and manipulate his victims.

Twenty four years after his first violent offence he was sentenced to six representative charges of sexual violation, two charges of attempted sexual violation, three charges of sexual violation as a party, one representative charge of assault with a weapon, and two representative charges for objectionable publications including the possession and production of making objectionable publications. He was found with 20,000 objectionable images and movies showing women being abused, raped and beaten. He was also found with 2000 images and movies relating to his OWN sexual crimes he committed against his victims.

One victim bravely told the Police how Apperley organised for a balaclava-clad man to forcefully enter her home. She was raped by both men as her children slept in a nearby room. On another occasion he raped a mother as her distressed young son stood by Apperley telling him to leave his mother alone.

Apperley deserves to remain behind bars indefinitely. The sentence of Preventive Detention is a necessity! We can only hope that the Court of Appeal recognises how dangerous, how sadistic Apperley truly is.

The safety of all his victims and the safety of our community must be the priority decision!

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