What absolute Scumbags, that is an horrific way to die. Burning to death, images of horror that the family will have to live with forever. The amount of convictions clocked up between the two of them, makes these sentences an extreme insult”

Spokesperson for the Sensible Sentencing Trust Jayne Walker is appalled at the leniency of Judge Cameron Mander on sentencing Shay Barry Webster, 22 and Jason Alistor Barr, 44 in Christchurch earlier today, for setting fire to and killing 55 year old Terry Martin Smith in Woolston on Anzac day last year.”It is outrageous, I sincerely hope the Crown appeals this grossly unjust decision. It appears the Judge placed too much weight on the fact these guys plead guilty to manslaughter and that they claimed “they didn’t mean to kill him” but totally disregarded the fact the pair had than 100 convictions between them, not to mention the risk they pose to the public in the frighteningly near future.”

Barr was jailed for five years and seven months with a minimum non-parole period of two years, nine months. Webster was sentenced to five years and three months in jail, with a minimum non-parole period of two years, six months. “Considering they have already spent over a year in jail, it is only a matter of months before they will be eligible for parole, a frightening and terrifying thought! There is nowhere near enough time for the considerable amount of rehabilitation, that may protect the public in the future. Our hearts really do go out to Terry’s family.”


Jayne Walker
Coordinator &Victim Advisory Leader
Sensible Sentencing Trust
South Island Region
021 881 623

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