Leigh Woodman – National Victims Portfolio Manager and Trustee of SSGT

Leigh is the Mother of a 15 year old daughter who was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in 1997. She, her husband and family have been through all facets of the system from depositions, trial, numerous parole hearings, appeals, the release of their daughter’s murderer, his re-imprisonment, and his subsequent release again so she has first-hand knowledge of the further trauma and stress caused and lack of support provided by the current legal system to the families of homicide victims, victims of serious violent crime and sex offences. 

Very early after her daughter’s murder, Leigh turned to the SST because she believes there wasn’t and still isn’t any other organisation out there to provide the level of support and assistance required to aid the victims of these types of horrendous crimes.

Leigh is the Sensible Sentencing Group Trusts (SSGT) National Victims Portfolio Manager and along with other Victim Advocates who dedicate long hours and do an extraordinary job Leigh and her team provides end to end support to survivors, both emotional and practical.

Leigh believes while we can’t change the actions of these violent offenders and murderers, we can make a very real difference for the victims and families of victims going forward, knowing we are there for them and helping them know that they are not alone.

You can contact Leigh at ssgtvictims@ssgt.org.nz or 027 561 2119

Jayne Walker – South Island Victim Advisor, Administration Manager and Interim Trustee of SSGT

While Jayne’s 3 year old daughter Brittany slept, she was murdered by Jayne’s ex boarder. Jayne was also viciously attacked before a neighbour came to her rescue. Jayne has supported and continues to support many victims of serious violent crime and sexual violence through all aspects of the justice system. She is our South Island Victim Advisor and will provide an end to end service from the time of the incident throughout the judicial process and beyond.

You can contact Jayne at jayne@ssgt.org.nz or 021 881 623

Karrin Coates – Waikato Victim Advisor of SSGT

Karrin is a Victim Advocate and Researcher for the Sensible Sentencing Group Trust (SSGT). She has personal experience with the Court system as both a victim and a Victim Advocate. She has an in-depth knowledge of the on-going legal processes that follow a Court trial and the importance of having personal, caring support throughout these difficult times.

Karrin has a counselling background in violent sexual crimes including historical sexual abuse, family violence and child pornography.

Karrin enjoys research as part of her support role, especially around the collection of statistical data and sentencing notes/acts.

You can contact Karrin at karrin@ssgt.org.nz or 021 471 407

Anne McVicar – Trustee of SSGT

Since the beginning of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, Anne has been the all-important Administrative Manager. She has been our treasured volunteer who has always ensured newsletters were kept up to date and sent out on time, she was the organizer of our many events and Victim Conferences and our all-round go to for any administration requests. Anne has supported Garth through his journey with SST, often giving up family time, as well as traveling the country with him, to ensure they could pursue their goal of a safer NZ. Anne then stepped into the role of Trustee for the Sensible Sentencing Group Trust (SSGT), working alongside our team of Victim Advocates to ensure victims had guidance and support through the Justice System. Anne has recently resigned from her administrative positions but chooses to stay on as a Trustee of the SSGT.

You can contact Anne by writing to Sensible Sentencing Group Trust PO Box 38085 Parklands Christchurch 8842.

Louise Parsons – Trustee of SSGT

Louise has been involved as a Trustee since the Trust’s inception in 2001. Louise was the Trust’s financial controller until she took maternity leave. Louise is very passionate about SSGT and Victims issues.

You can contact Louise by writing to Sensible Sentencing Group Trust PO Box 38085 Parklands Christchurch.

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