Jess McVicar – National Spokesperson of SST

Jessica is the youngest daughter of the Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) founders Garth and Anne McVicar. From a young age Jessica has closely watched as SST formed its pathway into becoming the largest Justice reform lobby group in New Zealand, fighting for the rights of victims of serious violent crime and for a safer country by lobbying for legislative changes.

Sitting round the kitchen table with her family discussing the Justice system, Jess became increasingly more passionate about the issues our country was facing; the heartbreak our victims have to face when thrust into the Justice system, the public outcry at our weak sentencing and the threat to public safety for the protection of the offender. She could no longer sit back and watch and so got involved and became the Youth Advocate for SST in 2015.

Jess has inherited her parent’s passion and she is now National Spokesperson for SST and will continue to strive for a Safer New Zealand for all. She says the safety of the community must always be the paramount consideration within our Justice system.

Contact Jess on or 021 230 2391


Jock Jamieson – Public Awareness, Education Portfolio Manager and Interim Trustee of SST

Jock has been involved with the Trust since the beginning in 2001. His main work is speaking to groups about the achievements and future aims of SST. He is also involved along with his wife Margaret in providing support at the local level to victims of crime.

Jock is available to speak to groups of any ethnicity, religion, political persuasion or other statusHe can be contacted on  or 022 184 5117

Garth McVicar – Founder and Trustee of SST

Garth founded SST in 2001 after becoming frustrated over the way Victims were treated in the New Zealand Justice System. After 17 successful years Garth retired from his role as National Spokesperson in December 2017, handing the reins over to his youngest daughter Jess. 

Peter Jenkins – Offender Database Manager and Trustee of SST

Peter has been with the Sensible Sentencing Trust since its inception in 2001. He came on Board and designed the first SST website and database. Peter is still actively involved in managing the new offender database. Peter is a Trustee and very passionate about SST and Justice Reform.

Contact Pete on or 027 433 8562

Neville Pettersson – Offender Database Administrator of SST

Neville is the head offender database administrator and also monitors the social media accounts for SST. He runs Meth Testing Hawkes Bay and is also passionate about Justice Law reform and actively helps draft submissions on various Bills and amendments to Parliament. 

Contact Neville at or 021 0876 7132

Gil Elliot – Dunedin/Otago Spokesperson and Trustee of SST

Gil is the Father of Sophie Elliott, murdered in her home in 2008. Gil is our Dunedin and Central Otago spokesperson and is very knowledgeable on current legislation.

Contact Gil at or 021 215 9683

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