Three Years for Stabbing a Man to Death!!

On the night of September the 16th, 2018 Julieta Beattie and her partner Richard Bristow had been drinking when an argument between them broke out.

The High Court in Whangārei heard how an argument escalated into a physical altercation. Richard Bristrow slammed the door on Julieta Beattie; she proceeded to kick the door in breaking the glass panels.

Richard Bristrow retaliated by punching Julieta Beattie directly in the face, causing her nose to bleed. Julieta Beattie went into the kitchen, took a boning knife and went outside to confront Richard Bristrow. Julieta Beattie’s family tried to stop her, even coming between the couple to try and stop the argument.

Sadly the families attempt to stop Julieta Beatties verbal threats were wasted. Waving the knife around she threatened to kill her partner in front of family members. Richard Bristrow was fatally stabbed in the heart. A stab wound that measured 16cm.

On the 4th of October 2018 Julieta Hurenga Beattie (47) was charged with murder. She plead not guilty. The day her murder trial was to commence she plead guilty to a lesser charge of causing death by an unlawful act committing manslaughter.

Julieta Beattie was sentenced to three years in Prison for stabbing her partner to death. Justice Paul Davison started her sentence at five years. The sentence was then discounted down due to Beattie’s difficult upbringing, including being raised in poverty and suffering abuse in her past. She also received a discount for her guilty plea; even though this plea came on the day of the trial and for a much lesser charge!

Beattie was in a relationship with the man she killed. The relationship was detailed in Court as toxic but this does not justify using a boning knife to fatally stab her partner to death. Richard Kere Bristrow was trying to leave the relationship but he never got the chance.

Richard Bristow was described as a loving Dad, Poppa, friend, and mentor. He loved rugby and absolutely adored his children and grandchildren.

After three years Beattie will be free to live her life. Richard Bristrows was only 57; he had years of treasured memories to create with his loving family. Now all his poor children and grandchildren have left is a lifetime of grief and sadness.

Three years for fatally stabbing a man to death is a shameful, disgraceful sentence.

Our Justice System is WEAK and CRUEL to the victims of serious crimes!

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