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SSGT Victims

In August 2018 Justice Minister Andrew Little held a Criminal Justice summit.

The proposed reforms the Justice minister wants to bring in to law include releasing more accused on bail and reducing the prison muster by 30% over 15 years, but Minister Little and Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis have been very vague about how they intend to achieve this. They will no doubt also try again to repeal the Three Strikes Law. We believe if his reforms go ahead it is very likely more crimes will be committed, and more victims created.

Remember, the victims who had their choices taken away from them and the lifelong consequences and pain inflicted by the offender. No more birthdays, no Christmas’s, their hopes and aspirations snuffed out, their future stolen and families torn apart. That is the reality for the victims and their families, living with the consequences of an offenders’ actions!

Please, take the time to read the stories of the victims of some of the most heinous crimes committed and what these people have to live with as a consequence.

We encourage you to have your say about the proposed changes. You can email Justice Minister Andrew Little on

Please, help us to help the victims.

Victim Stories

Offenders are not victims

I was recently asked a question about my past that triggered a response I believe relevant to share. A private glimpse into who I chose to become or more importantly who I chose NOT to become. In life we all have choices. We are all taught right from wrong, we all have that gut feeling, […]

But what about the Offender?

I have witnessed the open wounds of a razor blade that erratically cuts a young victim’s skin as she tries to find relief from the horrors of rape. I have witnessed the toughest of men fall to his knees when hearing the words “your wife was raped”. I have seen the hole punched in the […]

A Young Victim’s Voice – Change is Needed

I want to share my story in the hope that it will raise awareness and lead to change. Unfortunately, I have come across several sexual abusers in my life. What upsets me the most is even when they were caught, the sentences they were given were pitiful. Aged Five – Like most children I started […]

He left and everything changed – a mother’s reflections

“Not a single day goes by I don’t think of him. Not a single night where he isn’t my last thought before sleep” Shirley Way, mother of Troy Minto. Well. Today is the 14th of November and it is now 9 years since Troy had his life suddenly shot out from under him. 9 years, […]

Male Sexual Abuse – A Survivor Speaks Out

At the age of 47 years old, Mark sat down to write a farewell letter to his 19-year-old son, to explain to him the act of suicide that he was about to commit. But as he recounted his painful past, Mark found himself also recounting the moments of beauty that had graced his life. And […]

Lovely Libby

When asked if I would like to contribute to this very personal page of emotional writings I thought I would use the journal I wrote in when the early days of grief seemed hopeless and so draining. I would write every evening, turning the pages with raw emotions, anger and revenge. I decided that after […]

The murder of my 21-year-old daughter Ashlee Edwards.

In the early hours of Friday 27 July 2012 I woke to something on my legs kicking it off it was my son trying to climb on our bed I then woke to him again playing on the lounge floor.  Later learning this was around the time my daughter was killed in a freezing cold […]

My brother doesn’t have a voice anymore, but I am his voice and I love him

One morning I got a phone call from my mum at 5am to tell me Matt was missing, this was a call I never saw coming, could never ever imagine happening and the impact it would have on my life from that point onwards would be horrific and life changing.  My mum called me to […]

Your home is your castle

Home invasion is a label used by the public, the Police, New Zealand Lawmakers, the Crown and the Judges to describe a series of crimes committed against victims in their own homes. Home invasion is actually a combination of the following offences; breaking and entering, aggravated robbery, bodily harm and grievous bodily harm. Aggravated robbery […]

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of your child

My worst nightmare became reality when Michael was beaten, robbed and left to die alone in the street. The Sensible Sentencing Group Trust helped me through the grief, through his perpetrators’ long, emotionally taxing trials, through the financial burden that comes with legal support and through the fight for change. Michael’s perpetrators were eligible for […]

Chester Borrows creative sentences are not restorative for victims of serious violent crime

Yesterday Chester Borrows spoke on the AM show about his preference for a more creative sentencing system that involves a high rate of Restorative Justice (RJ). He said he believed about half the prison population would be okay in society, and then commented (as a justification for shorter sentences) a child grounded for a month […]

Murdered in the middle of the night in their home

In 1994 my Mum and Dad, John and Josie Harrisson were murdered in the middle of the night in their home in Te Akau, a remote area of the Waikato. We were woken at midnight by Police at the door. They said my parents had been found at 4pm that day by a neighbor. They […]

Sophie Elliott – Her Dad’s Story

Wednesday the 9th of January 2008 will be forever etched in my memory, that was the day Sophie was murdered. She was murdered by an ex-boyfriend who was a tutor in Economics at Otago University. It was a beautiful summer day in Dunedin, although I was 200 km away in Clyde, Central Otago at the […]