We Don’t Want History To Repeat – The Kahui Twins

Part 2 – The Right To Silence.

The Right to Silence prevented the truth behind who murdered Christopher and Cru.

Christopher and Cru Kahui would have been 14 years old had they been given the chance to live. Their precious lives mattered, they deserved so much more. The family failed to protect, nurture, and love two extremely vulnerable babies. The family failed to keep the twins safe. When justice was sought for these two precious twins the family chose to remain silent. The Right to Silence prevented the truth behind who murdered Christopher and Cru. The Right to Silence prevented Chris Kahui taking the stand when he was charged with double homicide. No justice has ever been found for these two innocent boys.

Children who are abused do not have the power to stop their perpetrators. They must rely on us as adults to be their voice. We must speak up, breaking the silence to protect a child’s rights. Children who are brutally killed must rely on the voices of those who love and care for them. The Right to Silence must be removed in all cases of child abuse and child homicide. If the Right to Silence remains in cases of child abuse and child homicide, the perpetrators, the abusers, the child murderers and those who have witnessed child violence, will continue to hide behind a law that protects the abuser – not the child.

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.

On the 29th of January 2020, a four-year old boy from Flaxmere was taken to Auckland’s Starship Hospital suffering from critical non-accidental injuries. He had bruises all over his little body and he had suffered severe head injuries. The head injury this innocent wee boy suffered caused significant brain damage. Lead Detective Mike Foster said the boy’s injuries were among the most severe he has seen in his 30 years on the Police force. The Police have been working tirelessly to find the truth behind this horrific assault, but the family, and those within the extended family are refusing to cooperate with the Police; remaining silent while and innocent 4-year-old boy continues to fight for his life.

This innocent precious boy has endured the most devastating life-altering injuries. He will have on-going health issues and severe disabilities. This case has been compared to the unforgivable deaths of the Kahui twins. The cowardly silence of the Tight 12 angered our nation. Prime Minister Helen Clark spoke up fourteen years ago encouraging those who knew the truth to speak up.

The cowardly silence of the Tight 12 angered our nation. Source: Stuff

Now it is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern repeating the same sentiment, stating cases like these are devastating, and asking those who knew what happened to come forward.
We do not want history to be repeated, especially when our precious children are violently harmed and killed. The Right to Silence needs to be abolished in cases involving our most innocent, vulnerable, and precious victims. A child cannot speak up.

It is our responsibility to break the silence and be the voice for those who cannot speak.

– Karrin Coates
Waikato Victim Advisor of SSGT

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