What more does it take?


Sensible Sentencing Trust has today written to the Solicitor General to ask ‘what more does it take’ for a serious recidivist violent offender to be given Preventive Detention.

Robert WINTERBURN, a Mongrel Mob member was sentenced last week to a 5year, 4 month minimum non-parole period for his latest raft of offences including rape and threatening to kill.


WINTERBURN has had two prior warnings from previous Judges about Preventive Detention.  In 1987 Justice Potter warned him that he ever appeared in court again, there “would be no option” but for a sentence of Preventive Detention. “Despite this, in Napier last week Justice Joe Williams once again put the public’s safety at risk” states Ruth Money National Spokesperson for the SST.

“This offender has extensive history of violence with convictions for manslaughter, attempted murder, rape and threatening to kill.  What will it take for the Judges in NZ to protect the public from recidivist violent offenders?” ,asks Money.

“The Sensible Sentencing Trust has written to the Solicitor General requesting that this so called ‘sentence’ is appealed.  Where is the merit of the warning issued by Justice Potter, if a subsequent Judge can ignore it when sentencing the same offender for further serious violent crimes?  Its time the Justice system was sensible!” states Money.

Ruth Money
Phone: 027 565 4406

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